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Capacity for Math Collaboration

WWW Interactive Mathematics Server

I'm working on pulling together math resources that are freely available on-line. My goal is to expand on the work that's happening at, and create an open content, on-line math textbook/resource center for algebra. There should be text, video, worksheets, interactive activities, math tools, forums and exams all maintained collaboratively by math teachers and students around the world.

A good place to start is the WIMS server. This is an GNU licensed collection of math tools. There are a lot of options here so I'd suggest you start with something fun. Try the puzzles first.

Then take a look at how a math teacher could use the site. Here are the options in the main menu:

  • Online calculators and plotters : numbers, functions, matrices, curves, surfaces, etc.
  • Interactive exercises of various styles and levels.
  • Mathematical recreations : puzzles and games.
  • Virtual classes where students work on assignments and get scores.
  • Interactive documents (preliminary version).

Algebra is the starting point but the real goal is to build the tools and collaboration protocols necessary to work together as a community creating on-line, freely available curriculum. Right now parts of the puzzle exist but the capacity to put it all together isn't there yet. That's my goal.