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Power of the Internet is People...

I've heard it said that the Internet isolates people. That's not true. It brings people together, often people who would never find each other otherwise. This week New Orleans was flooded by hurricane Katrina. Thousands of people are now homeless and in need of a place to go, any place. On, folks from all over the country are posting invitations to unknown people in need, "Come stay with us."

Here's one example from Pennsylvania:

5 Bedroom home on 6 acres available immediately; ideal for large is available for as long as you need it...transportation from southern airports available; contact post for more info

# yes -- cats are OK - purrr
# yes -- dogs are OK - wooof
# this is in or around Wilkes-Barre, PA

We see reports on TV of looters and people causing trouble but it's nice to know that there are folks out there who are ready to be part of the solution. People ARE good. They know how to be good to each other and there are plenty of them willing to do the right thing in this time of crisis.