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HP October Jobs

Welcome to the HP Technology for Teaching project.

I am sending this message to the email addresses listed as program leads and second teachers in your project proposals. If the teachers participating in your project have changed please let me know.

Thank you to the ONE teacher who replied my last email (sent on Sept. 14th.). Yea! KD!!! ;-)

I know what the first weeks of school can be like so don't feel bad that you did not have time to reply to the first message I sent. You DO have to reply to this one though. I will try to reply to all of your email requests with 48 hours.

Please confirm the receipt of this information and your participation in the HP program by replying directly to me at .

The HP program is now in full swing. You should have all been able to login to the CampusK12 site. In looking at the login reports for my teams I can see that most of you were able to do this. If you have any problems with the logins and passwords you received let me know. Team leaders, please follow up with your teachers to be sure they can login.

October is an important month for the project. This is when you'll be taking on-line surveys to assess your technology skill level, completing your team action plans and developing individual action plans based on the results of the on-line surveys.

Job 1 - Complete the HP Technology for Teaching Lesson/Unit Plan for your team. (Team project...)

Here's a bulleted list of October for those who like checklists:

o Job 1 - Complete the HP Technology for Teaching Lesson/Unit Plan for your team. (Team project...)

o Participants will take online surveys, self-rating their alignment with NETS-T and their technology skills;

o Participants will take the project proposal and turn it into a team action plan, using a template provided by ISTE;

o Mentors will provide feedback on the plan, using guidelines provided by ISTE;

o Participants and mentors will work together to develop an individual PD plan for each participant, selecting online courses and publications from a catalog in ISTE’s online community, basing the selections on the needs and goals identified through the self-rating in the surveys and the individual’s role in the team’s project.

The good news is that we can get this done BEFORE Thanksgiving and then things will slow down in November and December.

There are two places on the web where I'll be posting information. I'll also try to email you directly. You should visit the "Communication Center" on the CampusK12 site frequently (at least once a week) at:
I've created a few discussion topics for our group (5 schools & projects). The first discussion your should join there is at the water cooler where I'm asking for introductions. You may have posted one in the main group but these will be just for us Oregon teachers. You'll find my intro already there.

The other web site I'll use is my blog at: You'll see a menu item on the top left part of the page titled HP TFT Blog. From my experience doing this last year, it's helpful to have one place where information is posted. Sometimes the CampusK12 site can be difficult to use. If you bookmark the HP TFT part of my blog, you'll always have access to the information you need.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you soon,

;-) Paul