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So when did google become a verb?

So when did google become a verb? I googled the phrase "google became a verb" and learned that it happened on July 8th, 2006. On that day "google" was added as a verb in the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

 One entry found for google. Main Entry: goo·gle 
 Pronunciation: 'gü-g&l
 Function: transitive verb
 Inflected Form(s): goo·gled; goo·gling  /-g(&-) li[ng]/
 Usage: often capitalized
 Etymology: Google, trademark for a search engine
 : to use the Google search engine to obtain information
   about (as a person) on the World Wide Web 

I remember using google as a verb before then but it's good to know that the folks at Merriam-Webster google too.

Google is a revolutionary force in the world. There are 26 million results to the search "google vs windows" and almost 32 million results to the search "linux vs windows" but I think Google is winning. Google is more likely to replace your Windows desktop than Linux. Even if your computer does run Linux, it will probably also be running Google applications through its browser. Google is winning because it is the answer to the central question of the information age, "How do you find information."

New tools cause revolutions and google as a verb is revolutionary because it made sense of the web and fostered an inquiry based, user-centric relationship between average people and the entire collection of human knowledge. Anyone can look up the atomic number of thallium and it only takes .08 seconds to do it with Google.

These days though, Google is more than searching. Google is email, calendar, word processor, spreadsheet, news reader and it even collects your homework and turns it in to the teacher before the dog has a chance to eat it.

The Vernonia school district started a pilot project this month using Google to provide email for high school students. Vernonia students will also get an on-line word processor called Google documents, Google spreadsheets, calendars and a wide range of other Google tools. They won't print their essays anymore. They'll just hit the "share now" icon to turn in their work. Vernonia students can access their work from home, a library, a friend's house and even from school. "I left my work at home," will be a phrase no longer heard in the classrooms and hallways of Vernonia High School.

Students and teachers using Google mail will be able to create mailing lists for instant discussion groups. They can publish information on Google hosted web pages and even pass notes to each other through Google chat.

The summer of 2006 may be known for the summer google became a verb but the fall of 2006 will be known as the season Google came to a small logging town in the hills of western Oregon and started a revolution at Vernonia High School.