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Web Based Collaboration and Publishing Tool Set

Last year I spent some time with other educators thinking about the perfect web tool for education. If we could invent it, what would it look like?

We invented the web site. It was really there the whole time but we just didn't know about it. It's a virtual learning campus complete with classrooms, offices, chat rooms, meeting rooms and libraries. There's even a hot tub for after-school soaking. I'll write more about later this week but first I have to tell you about the other tool we invented.

Once we completed our virtual learning we needed a way to share our results. Imagine a web site that is half blog and half newspaper. Imagine being able to post text, images, video and files via the web and save snapshots of your progress as you go. We imagined it but the folks at the Knowledge Media Lab, part of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning actually created it. It's called the KEEP toolkit.

Click on image for larger version...

If you visit the site you can see what other teachers have been publishing and even setup an account.

It's free and it works. Those are my favorite words!